Bullish ICP Sees Security Boost With Bitcoin, Ethereum Integrations

• Internet Computer (ICP) is a top 50 cryptocurrency with over $1 billion market cap.
• Despite the positive sentiment in the crypto market, ICP has been dropping in the daily timescale by 5%.
• The bullishness on the token has been boosted by the integration of Bitcoin to add smart contracts, InfinitySwap’s integration of Ethereum and on-chain security.

Internet Computer (ICP) is the latest cryptocurrency to make waves in the crypto market, with a current market cap of more than $1 billion, placing it among the top 50 cryptocurrencies according to CoinGecko. Although the crypto market is bullish on the token, the positive sentiment has yet to be reflected in the charts. According to CoinGecko, the token is down by 5% in the daily timescale, although the bi-weekly timescale shows a 12% gain.

The bullishness on the token has been boosted by several developments in the past few days. Firstly, DFinity, the company that launched Internet Computer, recently integrated Bitcoin to add smart contracts to the top cryptocurrency. This has led to an increase in development activity, with ICP now being top 5 just behind Ethereum according to Santiment insights. Secondly, InfinitySwap, the ICP blockchain’s automated market maker (AMM) and staking platform, has also integrated Ethereum, ensuring low fees compared to the top altcoin.

Finally, the security of ICP has also been boosted by its integration with Bitcoin. This integration ensures that digital assets are more secure and reduces the chances of them being stolen. With 2022 being a notorious year for digital asset theft, this security boost is highly appreciated by the crypto community.

Overall, Internet Computer appears to be entering the new year with plenty of bullishness, although its daily charts suggest otherwise. With the token’s integration with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the security boost it has received, it appears that ICP is well-positioned to make some major gains in the coming months.